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Pacific Water Walkers Summer Camp at
Elder Damon Green, Camp Dean Elder Nakiesha Green, Assistant Dean
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The Reverend Timm Cyrus, Camp Director & Elder Margaret Cyrus, Assistant Director
The   Lord   inspired   the   camp   name   change   in   the   Summer   of   2005,   when   the   camp   was   cancelled due   to   a   scheduling   conflict   on   the   part   of   the   Presbyterian   Conference   Center.   To   say   the   least,   it was   a   painful   process   for   Pastors   and   staff   alike   to   speak,   as   well   as   send   letters   of   apology   to parents   and   children   of   the   churches.   In   response   to   the   cancellation,   the   camp   leaders   chose   to convene    a    two-day    leadership    retreat    for    strategy    planning.    Leading    the    activities    was    the Reverend   Timm   Cyrus,   Pastor   of Angeles   Mesa   Presbyterian   Church   in   Los Angeles,   California.   It was   truly   the   Mighty   Word   of   God   taken   from   the   text   in   Matthew   14:26 -29,   that   Pastor   Cyrus   felt God   was   calling   us   to   be   “Water   Walkers’   like   Jesus   and   Peter   rather   than   be   like   the   rest   of   the disciples   who   played   it   safe   clinging   to   the   boat   rather   than   following   Jesus.      Pastor   Cyrus challenged   us   to   "Come   and   get   out   of   the   boat”   of   the   previous   set   back,   and   walk   into   the   future where   God   is   leading   us   to   a   “New   Thing.”   In   the   country   Costa   Rica,   they   have   a   most   unique anphibious   lizard   that   normally   swims   on   the   water,   but   when   it   comes   under   attack   by   a   would   be predator,   it   stands   upright   in   a   walking   position;   however,   it   runs   to   safety   to   the   nearest   shoreline.     For   this   reason   the   Christians   in   Costa   Rica   named   this   water   walking   lizard   the   Jesus   Christ Lizard as told in the above mention scripture depicting Jesus and Peter walking on water. When   we   decided   to   become   Water-Walkers,   with   Christ,   we   moved   ahead   trusting   God   for   a   new camp   expeirence   which   we   now   embrace   as   Pacific   Water   Walkers   Summer   Camp.   For   more details   check   out   our   history   page   and   then   click   on   this   link      belowto   see   the   Costa   Rica   Lizard   in action which inspired us so much so it became our official logo and new identity.
July 10 thru July 16, 2016
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Six Days of Powerful Fun
July 8 thru July 14, 2018