Sponsored by National Black Presbyterian  Caucus Southern California Chapter
Six Days of Powerful Fun
Pacific Water Walkers Summer Camp at
The   National   Black   Presbyterian   Caucus,   Southern California   Chapter   (NBPC-SC)   Summer   Youth   Camp has   been   in   session   for   over   48   years.   This   camp   was formerly    known    as    the    Black    Advisory    Committee (BAC)   Summer   Youth   Camp.   BAC   was   a   non-profit organization     comprised     of     11     African     American Presbyterian   Churches   in   Southern   California   that   saw a   need   with   their   congregation   and   youth   ministries   to come   together   as   one   group   with   one   voice,   providing youth ministry in the urban context.
Our   Camp   logo   was   inspired   from   a   camp   planning   session   in   2005   from   the   Gospel   of   Matthew   14:26-29,   from   a   talk   and   a vision sharing session  by our camp director, Reverend Timm Cyrus, entitled "Water Walking" vs. "Boat Clinging". (see history)
The   camp   empowers   youth   and   young   adults   as   they   bring   others   to   Christ.   It   is   an event   that   helps   to   keep   our   African   American   youth   off   the   streets,   out   of   trouble,   out of   gangs,   and   off   drugs.   Camp   creates   a   positive   outlet   for   them   to   be   able   to   express themselves   and   their   love   for   the   Lord   Jesus   Christ. This   camp   has   given   our   inner-city youth    a    chance    to    experience    Christ    in    a    different    atmosphere,    without    the    daily distractions. Every   year,   the   camp   experiences   a   Holy   Spirit   anointing,   bringing   hundreds   of   youth to   a   personal   relationship   with   Jesus   Christ. The   God-kissed   location   and   phenomenal presence   of   the   Holy   Spirit   motivates   our   youth   to   return   every   year.   Many   of   the young   adults   have   returned   to   serve   in   Camp   Ministry   as   deans,   counselors,   worship leaders,   and   power-shops   instructors.   Most   of   the   staff   is   between   ages   18-40.   We have   found   that   peer-counseling   is   super-effective.   Many   youth   have   received   their call into the Ministry of the Word and Sacrament. The   Pacific   Water   Walkers   Summer   Youth   Camp   has   changed   many   lives   for   the   better. We   believe   in   embracing   multi-cultural   contributions,   inter-denominational   worship   and unity   within   the   Body   of   Christ.   Our   Spirit-filled   staff   fully   appreciates   their   life-changing experiences   and   are   mandated   to   provide   these   incredible   opportunities   to   others.   Campers are   nurtured   in   a   real,   lasting   relationship   with   God   and   are   provided   with   a   solid   foundation for   family   and   citizenship   in   our   society.   Most   of   all,   the   spiritual   fevor   of   the   mentors becomes   a   contageous   blessing   of   encouragement   to   the   campers   who   are   on   fire   as   they go back down the mountain, excited and ready to work for the Lord's sake.
INCLUSIONS:    Transportation   Housing   for   7   days/6   nights   Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner   “Go   all   Out   WORSHIP”   Ministry/Arts/Athletics   Age-Appropriate Categories    Recreational   Activities    Paintball    Swimming    Basketball    Football    Softball    Hikes   Arts    &    Crafts    Concerts    Personal    Ministry    Puppetry Empowerment   Talent   Shows   Guest   Artist   Step   Shows   Power-shops   Bible   Groups   Worship   Ensembles   Worship   Resources   Gifted   Staff   Tremendous Counselors Life-Changing Experiences for only $200.00.
July 8 thru July 14, 2018
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