Sponsored by National Black Presbyterian  Caucus Southern California Chapter
Our     recreational     activities     include     swimming, football,   arts   &   crafts,   basketball,   puppetry,   zip   line, catwalk,   softball,   rope   pulls,   paintball,   archery,   and hikes   to   the   ocean.   It   is   a   great   experience   to   be able   to   leave   the   urban   area   and   take   part   in   this wonderful    experience    of    God    and    nature.    We provide   great   food!   Three   nutritious   meals   a   day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  
Pacific Water Walkers Camp is a wonderful experience for all campers. We focus on fulfilling a closer relationship with Christ through daily Worship, Bible Study groups, Powershops and practical application of THE WORD OF GOD.
Multimedia   Powershops,   Photography,      Praise     Dance   as   valuable   Worship   Resources;   Vocal, Choral,   Praise   Ensemble,   Music   lessons,   Solo instruction    to    enhance    local    Church    Worship and personal ministry.
Pacific Water Walkers Summer Camp at
July 8-14, 2018 Register Today!
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (U.S.A.) web:http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/campandconference/